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We at Jacked Concrete Leveling offer traditional mudjacking as well as professional crack sealing.

      Mudjacking is a proven concrete leveling method that has been around since the 1930's.  It is sometimes referred to as slabjacking or pressure grouting.  A common misconception is that mudjacking is not a permanent fix.  Concrete, including the "mud" that is pumped under sunken slabs, is only as good as the ground beneath it.  Subsoil erosion and settling from new construction are the most common causes of sunken slabs.  If the ground is done settling and water drainage is adequate, then there is no reason why your existing concrete can't last for many, many more years. 

Mudjacking is far less intrusive and much more affordable than replacement!

      Since your old concrete won't need to be torn out and hauled away mudjacking is easier on the environment as well as your pocket book.  We mix our concrete on site to make the custom "mud" that's right for your job. No heavy equipment to tear up your yard.  Also, if you are considering replacing only some of a concrete area you will likely end up with bright white concrete next to your aged brown, but perfectly good, existing concrete.  Generally, mudjacking is less than half the cost of replacement.  By fixing only your problem areas, as opposed to compete replacemnt, the savings are astronomical. All things the same, driveways have our lowest rate by square foot.

We aim to keep our advertising costs low by taking care of you.

      Word of mouth is what we thrive on.  The only way that works is by providing honest, quality, and affordable servicing of your concrete issues.  We offer a two year warranty on settling for almost all projects, exceptions may be made for new construction and concrete that has obvious uncorrected drainage problems.  We use water, sand, portland cement, and sodium bentonite (makes the mud slick and able to flow) in all our mixes.  Soil or any other cheap filler will never be used.  Sand and portland is almost certainly what your existing concrete is made of.  The only thing missing is large aggregate (rocks), which cannot be pumped without drilling large holes through your slabs.

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In order to serve all our customers in a timely and efficient manner we ask that estimates be scheduled by phone.  If you would like us to give you a call please let us know your name, number, city, and brief description of your concrete issue.  All estimates are free and good for one year.

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